Ice Cream Flavor heaven

We keep anywhere from 12-40 flavors of ice cream in rotation throughout the year. Some of our staples and ones we have most of the year are; Vanilla, chocolate,strawberry, butter pecan, chocolate chip,cookies and cream, peanut butter chocolate chip,mint chocolate chip,chocolate chip cookie dough,pumpkin, black raspberry and black walnut. Choices of cones: Waffle-Coated Waffle-Sugar-Cake How many Read more about Ice Cream Flavor heaven[…]


Sure Sundaes are technically ice cream but we believe they deserve there own category! We have our famous Hot Caramel Pumpkin Sundae! It is Fearrins signature Dessert! It is absolutely amazing! Our Sundaes can be made in all types of ways! You can even create your own! Pick your favorite flavor or flavors of our Read more about Sundaes[…]

Seasonal Goodies

We have some things that are just meant for that perfect time of year! Spiced Cider-Lemon Shake-ups-Cappuccino and cobbler available seasonly throughout the year! Call or come in today to see if we have one of your favorite sweet treats! As far as Pumpkin goes, well we carry that YEAR ROUND!